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Management platform of energy consumption

The management resources platform “Mindful Platform” allow you to use resources (electricity, water, gas / fuel) in a more efficient way, reducing your consumption and monthly costs. We provide information about resources consumption and comfort indicators daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, notifying you whenever the consumption or the indicators exceed the limits set by you.

This software has the following main functions:

  • Storage and querying of past energy consumptions
  • Calculation and prediction of future expenses based on the current ones
  • Defining saving plans
  • Real time notifications in case of unaccomplished goals
  • Tips for improving performance
  • Remote control of circuits, equipment or areas of consumption
  • Regular reports of your consumptions
  • Optimization of the best power supply tariff

We have a team of experts that can analyse your consumption and reduce your energy bills, saving you time and money.

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