"More with Less"


TJF ECOENERGY SOLUTIONS is able to help those interested in submitting applications to Notice 08 of the “Sistema Geral de Consumos Intensivos de Energia (SGCIE)” which serves to promote the “Energy Efficiency 2014” event organized by the “Fundo de Eficiência Energética (FEE)”. These applications can be submitted from the 25th of June until 6pm of October 23rd 2014.

This notice backs the funding of thermal insulation industrial operations, energy audits and implementation of consumption management equipment.

This project is aimed for SME’s wishing to reduce or optimize their energy consumption. Enterprises can achieve this by performing an energy audit, implementing efficient measures and by training their employees. Exclusive to companies in Portugal (North, Center and “Alentejo”).

For more information about participation fees, the beneficiaries and eligibility conditions, get in touch with us.